Teaching with Puppet Power

Teaching With Puppet Power

I am so excited to launch my new series on teaching with puppets. When I mentioned it to a friend, she said, “I didn’t know you were a puppeteer!” I laughed because I certainly am not!

Please go no further without embracing this simple truth:

You do not have to be a puppeteer to add power to your teaching with puppets. 

Most teachers know that puppets are a wonderful tool for activating student attention and motivation. In fact, most of the teachers I know own at least one puppet, if not a box full.

However, most teachers also seem  intimidated by puppets. I almost never see a teacher with a puppet on his/her hand. Why?

1- Teachers are not sure what to do with puppets. Are they just for fun? Are they to help with instruction? Should they be used by the teacher or the students?

2- Teachers are worried about “losing control” of the students when they bring out a puppet.

3- Teachers who have tried a “puppet center” in their classroom often find that the children are too rough, fight with the puppets, and generally don’t know how to play with them well. Usually, the puppets get put away very quickly.

4- Teachers feel that they don’t have time for puppets.

This series is designed to address all those issues and give you the tools, ideas, and resources needed to make your teaching even more WONDERful with puppets!

I will use this post as an index at the conclusion of the series, so you might want to pin or bookmark it for future reference.

Posts in this series will include the following topics:

1- General tips for selecting and manipulating puppets

2- The power of a class mascot puppet. 

3- Adding a puppet with a “persona.” Tips for talking puppets!

4- Puppet Tips from a Professional Puppeteer

5- Unit/content specific puppet ideas.

6- Tips for teaching children how to use puppets purposefully and effectively.

7- Sources for pre-made puppets.

8- DIY puppet making ideas. (Still to come!)

And more! So stay tuned… the puppets are coming! 

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  1. I am REALLY enjoying your puppet series videos! They are full of great tips and I am learning so much! Puppetry adds another layer of interest and fun for children. I have been checking your site every day hoping to find the next video in your puppet series. Thanks for sharing your ideas and talent! I hope to discover your next puppetry post and video soon!

    • Thanks so much Connie! Sorry I have been slow with the next video. I shot it, watched it the next day and HATED it, and then haven’t had a chance to reshoot again. It is a weekend MUST DO for me. Thanks for sticking with me. After my next video, I have another one from my friend who is a professional puppeteer. Lots more ideas in the chute! :-)

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