Art Integrated Lesson: Weather + Writing + Art!

Arts Integration Project with Weather and Writing Remember that post where I shared my planning process for designing arts integrated lesson based on a picture book? Well, here is the end result!

The rundown:

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Are “Guided” Art Projects OK?

Art vs. Craft in the classroom

Yesterday I posted about arts integration, and how it is a pedagogical journey. One of the issues raised was the role of “guided” art projects in the classroom.

The question at hand: Is it OK to assign the kids a subject and give them step by step directions?

In my previous post the answer was yes, but I noted that not all guided projects are created equal. I see them falling along a continuum. At one end, you have something like this:

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Arts Integration: It’s a Journey

Arts Integration takes time, effort, and patience!

Recently I heard from a teacher friend who has been striving to integrate the arts in her classroom. To paraphrase her question, she asked,

“Am I doing this right? Is this really arts integration? Is it good enough?”

It turns out that a well-meaning peer had pointed out that many of her visual art lessons were the “guided” type and questioned whether or not that was “real” arts integration.

It’s an interesting question, and remains an on-going debate in the arts integration community. Some feel that if an art experience isn’t a pure expression of creativity, it’s not “real” art. (i.e.- children shouldn’t be given topics or “projects” or directions to follow.) Others dismiss that notion and say that any step toward creativity is a step in the right direction.

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