Source Ideas for Creative Lesson Planning


Source Ideas for Creative Lesson Planning Recently a teacher asked me, “Where do you get all your ideas?”

I had to ponder that question because there isn’t a simple answer. I get ideas everywhere!

Here is my Top 8 Inspiration List (not in rank order): [Read more…]

Auditory Attention Getters for Classroom Management

attention getters for classroom management Stocking a fun collection of attention getters is an important component to an effective classroom management system. In my previous post I shared some strategies for effectively getting student attention. (And it wasn’t saying “Shhhh!”)

One of the strategies I suggested involved using a variety of “sound effects.” A few people asked me for specific suggestions, so here is a list of my favorites! [Read more…]

What is Writing Workshop? An Overview

An Overview of Writing Workshop I could write 1,000 pages on this topic. In fact, every time I started composing this post in my mind, I felt overwhelmed. So let’s eat this big, rich pie in baby bites, shall we?

What is Writing Workshop?

The simplest answer is that it is a structure for teaching writing. However, that answer doesn’t quite do the job because Writing Workshop (WW) springs from a philosophical point of view called constructivism. It’s based on a belief that children are capable people who learn best when given the opportunity to construct their own understanding (“learn while doing.”) Therefore, teachers in a WW see their students (even those who are quite young) as competent writers with interesting ideas and stories to tell. They also believe that with intentional instruction and support, those children are perfectly capable of learning how to write meaningful and interesting pieces just like “real” writers.

What is the teacher’s role in Writing Workshop? [Read more…]

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