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Professional Development Services

I love to visit schools and provide professional development around my areas of expertise and passion. These areas include Arts Integration (integrating the arts into the core academic curriculum), best practices in literacy instruction, classroom management,  and the creation of classroom community. Specific presentation topics include:

– Arts Integration Overview: Defining Arts Integration and Getting Started

– Arts Integration Structures: Taking the Next Step with AI

– Visual Art and Writing: Harnessing the Power of Visual Art to Engage Young Writers

– Workshop: A Powerful Structure for Literacy Learning


I am in the process of creating a week-long residency program on the topic of visual art and writing. I will spend one week working within a grade level (K-5) during which we will explore the magical connection between visual images and the written word. We will learn how to “read” art, create powerful images, and use those images to empower our writing. I will be working with children, but it is also an opportunity for teachers to participate in “real life, hands-on” professional development. The residencies are designed to engage the classroom teacher in the experience. Other educators are welcome to observe.

If you are interested in having me come to your school and provide professional development for your faculty or a residency for students, please contact me for information on availability and pricing. Also, please indicate the area of focus that you would like for me to address. I will need to speak with the principal and survey the faculty (with a simple, quick survey) prior to my PD session so that I can tailor my presentation to the unique needs of your school.

Contact Information

 Susan Antonelli-  sbantonelli@bellsouth.net

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