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If you have a passion for creative and engaging teaching, you are in the right place! Wonder Teacher is about excellent teaching grounded in Constructivist strategies such as workshop models (Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, Math Workshop), inquiry-based science, cooperative learning, and arts integration. Through this blogging platform, I hope to inspire, educate, support, and connect with like-minded educators everywhere. You will find tips, arts integration structures, resource reviews, classroom management strategies, and lesson ideas designed to support you in your work as a “Wonder Teacher!”

I must admit that I did have a double meaning in mind when I named this blog. First, I believe that all teachers are (or have the potential to be) “Wonder Teachers”; the kinds of teachers who are so effective and beloved by their students that they take on the persona of a super-hero. I also firmly believe that in order to connect with our students and empower them as learners, we must tap into their natural, childlike sense of wonder. The world is an amazing, fascinating place. Why shouldn’t school be the same?

About Me: I started my teaching career at Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School, a nationally recognized model school in arts integration. I credit much of my success to the amazing veteran educators who took me under their wings and taught me how to teach: Cherrie Sneed, Toni Kroko, Dianne O’Neill, Judy Trotter, Carole Rathbun, Corday Borders, and many more. I am also deeply grateful to Jayne Ellicott, principal, for hiring me in spite of the fact that I wore two different shoes to my interview. (Oops!) What a fantastic group of people; what inspiring teachers!

Over the span of my 17 year educational career, I have served as a classroom teacher (3rd grade, preschool, and art/music), a grant director, an adjunct college professor, and a consultant/ professional development leader. I am Nationally Board Certified as a Middle Childhood Generalist and was the Teacher of the Year at my former school in 2001. Over my career I have taught students of all ages- from 3 to 63! It has been a fun and rewarding journey. However, too often I connect with amazing educators at a conference or in a graduate class, only to lose touch after the course or workshop ends. For years I desired a way to keep in touch and keep our connection alive. Wonder Teacher was born out of that desire.

Thanks so much for visiting Wonder Teacher. I hope you will be a “regular” around here! Let’s learn from each other and make our teaching the best it can be.


Susan Antonelli

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