Planning an Art Integrated Lesson Based on a Picture Book

Planning an Art Integrated Lesson Plan Based on a Picture Book In my previous post I shared some of my sources for creative teaching ideas!

Today I will get a little more in-depth and walk you through my thinking process to demonstrate how I start from an inspiration point and end up with a worthwhile, standards-based lesson plan.

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Poetry Publishing Party!

Poetry Publishing Party via Wonder Teacher Publishing parties are such a fantastic way to provide an authentic context for student writing.

In my previous post I shared one first grade teacher’s approach to teaching poetry in Writing Workshop. I mentioned that she ends the unit with a publishing celebration.

The beauty of a publishing party is that it immediately elevates the purpose for the writing. When children realize that their poems will be bound into real books and that visitors are coming to read them at school, enthusiasm and effort levels shoot through the roof!

An audience is a magical motivating power indeed.

Chrissy ran her poetry party in a format similar to this publishing party.  Each student sat in one spot with their bound poetry book,  a “compliment” form, and an empty chair by their side. Once the parents arrived, they moved from child to child (starting with their own, of course!), listened to the child read a few poems, and wrote a “compliment” on the child’s form. In this way, each child was able to share his/her poetry with multiple adults, and the parents got a chance to read a sampling of student poetry.

After about 20 minutes, refreshments were served, adding to the festive atmosphere.

If you have never tried a publishing party, please do! It’s a powerful motivator for your students and a great way to build community with your families.

For another example of a fabulous poetry publishing party, visit Katie King’s post on her Poetry Coffee House over at Queen of the First Grade Jungle. Her “poet tree” is absolutely adorable!

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