Students Speak About Their Kinesthetic Classroom

Students speak about their kinesthetic classroom via Wonder Teacher Remember those articles I wrote a few weeks ago about Stacey and her AMAZING kinesthetic classroom?

If you missed them, go catch up and then come back!

Stacey Shoecraft’s Kinesthetic Classroom Part 1

Stacey Shoecraft’s Kinesthetic Classroom Part 2

I got a great response on those posts- you all were so inspired by Stacey! Rightfully so. I had a great time visiting her classroom and witnessing her passion for teaching and learning. However, a question nagged at me, “What do her students think?”

So I contacted Stacey again and arranged to come visit once more; this time to talk with her students.

Without further ado, I introduce you to Joseph and Reed. (Two of the most precious 5th grade boys you will ever meet!) *I would also like for you to know that the three of us were working out on one of Stacey’s stations throughout this entire interview. So cool!

Susan: What is it like, from a kid’s point of view, to go to school in a classroom like this? [Read more…]

Make Learning Stations More Kinesthetic

Ideas for making learning centers more kinesthetic

I was so inspired by my recent interview with Stacey Shoecraft! (Read more here: 1st Interview and 2nd Interview.)

Her movement-based classroom is an energetic and happy place! Seeing all the different ways she uses movement to reach and teach her students made me think a little more deeply about ideas for pumping up our practice with movement.

Today, let’s think about ways to make our stations (AKA “centers”) more active. [Read more…]

Building a Kinesthetic Classroom (Part 2)

Building a kinesthetic classroom via Wonder Teacher

In my previous post, I shared the first part of my interview with featured Wonder Teacher, Stacey Shoecraft. She is passionate about the power of movement to help her students achieve. Today Stacey talks about her journey from movement breaks to a 100% kinesthetic classroom.

Susan: How did you transition from basic movement breaks to bigger ideas about movement? [Read more…]

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