Art Integrated Lesson: Weather + Writing + Art!

Arts Integration Project with Weather and Writing Remember that post where I shared my planning process for designing arts integrated lesson based on a picture book? Well, here is the end result!

The rundown:

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Zero the Hero Came To School…

Zero the Hero costume via Wonder Teacher Every elementary school needs Zero the Hero. It’s a fun and creative way to teach children about the crucial role zero plays in our number system.

My friend, Carol Cook, (interviewed here as a “Featured Wonder Teacher“) is the resident Zero the Hero at her school. Each 10th day, she makes a special appearance on the morning news show and leads the kids in singing the “Zero the Hero” song.

Zero the Hero (tune: “Fishes in the Deep Blue Sea”)

Zero the Hero came to school.
Zero the Hero is so cool.
Zero the Hero saves the space – 
So all the other numbers can stay
In their place.
Bop, bop, didum, didum, wontum, chew! 
Bop, bop, didum, didum, wontum, chew!
Bop, bop, didum, didum, wontum, chew!

Zero the Hero is quite the celebrity and also makes special appearances at events such as the school carnival and PTA nights. Of course, Zero the Hero is also highly visible on the 100th Day of School.

If your school doesn’t have a Zero the Hero, it’s time to get one! Carol shared the steps for making her costume (below), so there really are no excuses. All you need is someone to don the mask and the costume. If you already have a cape you can use, just bling it out and add a zero and a mask. If not, you can make your own.

Here are the basic steps: [Read more…]

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