A Note About Sponsorships and Affiliates

I did not start this blog to get rich. (Good thing, too, because blogging isn’t a very good “get rich quick” scheme!) As any dedicated blogger will tell you, blogging takes hours and hours of work to create photos and content that will be worthwhile of a reader’s time in a crowded blogosphere.

I started this blog because it has long been a dream of mine to connect with other like-minded educators and give them information and tools to support their creative teaching.

I happily maintain this blog “for free.” However, there are costs associated with blogging (purchasing a domain name and web host, blog design costs, widget and image purchases, etc.) Therefore, I decided to explore methods that would help make a dent in those costs.

Amazon.com: For years I have been an Amazon customer and love their selection, service, and prices. While I do make every effort to “buy local” when possible (especially from the mom and pop shops), the truth is that many of the products I seek are not available where I live. (Or they are only available from other “national” companies.) Amazon has been a wonderful solution to that problem: I can order almost anything I need and have it shipped for free to my door within 2 days. Love it. There are also Amazon.com warehouses in my state that employ local folks.

On this blog, I frequently link to Amazon in order to help my readers locate many of the resources I recommend. I will never recommend a product that I myself don’t own or know to be valuable and wish to own it. (My Amazon wish list is out of control.) 😉

I am a member of the Amazon Associates program and thus will earn a small (very small) percentage of all sales made via links through this site.

I feel 100% good about this because:

1) I only recommend products I love!

2) The small amount I earn will help to defray the cost of maintaining this blog. Also- you are under no obligation to click through or purchase! If you do click through and make a purchase, thanks so much for helping to support Wonder Teacher! I really appreciate it.

Sponsorships: I have already been contacted by several educational companies who wish to advertise on Wonder Teacher. At this time I am not accepting advertisers/ sponsors, but an not ruling it out for the future. If you are interested, please contact me at sbantonelli@bellsouth.net and I will place your company on the review/ waiting list.

Please know in advance that I will not partner with any sponsors selling educational products that are not in keeping with the philosophical position of this blog.  I will only partner with individuals and companies selling products or services designed to promote student creativity, authentic learning experiences and assessment, arts integration, and current educational best practices. (i.e.- “Test Prep” workbooks, scripted reading curricula, and the like do not align with my educational philosophy.) However, I am always interested in hearing from companies who sell products that empower teachers for “Wonder Teaching!”

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